Upcoming Irish Success Events

Breakthrough To Success
Dublin 11th-13th September 2009

Summary: American NLP Practitioner and motivational speaker Chris Howard is back in Ireland with his popular 3 day goal achievement seminar.

Our Verdict: The high-fives can seem like a bit much for the average Irish audience but the content is great and it's well worth travelling to attend so definitely go now that it's in Ireland.

Booking: Ticket value is advertised as 1,200 but you can book tickets for free through this link by clicking here >

The ABC's of Success
Dublin 16th May 2009

Summary: Irish Hypnotherapist John Francis Leader hosts his interactive 1 day training event in Achievement, Balance and Communication.

Our Verdict: Not as slick as some seminar's out there but very intimate. The content is very different than what you'll hear elsewhere and the concept behind the event has great potential.

Booking: Ticket value is advertised as 199 but if you book early you get them half price. Using this link you can get a further 20% discount >


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Your Guide To Choosing The Right Approach


What type of therapy or consultancy method should you choose? This is an important question to answer as if you are to commit to something you're going to want to make sure it's the right choice for you. Fear not, the You.ie guide to choosing the right approach is here to help.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a therapy that usually lasts for a series of months that focuses on changing your thought patterns and working with your environment to bring about improvements in wellbeing.

Counselling ranges from several sessions to ongoing work for years and focuses on working through feelings and experiences by a form of conversation between you and your counsellor.

Hypnotherapy utilises the power of your subconscious mind over the course of between 1 and several sessions so that you can remove stubborn habits that seem to have no logical reason for existing.

Integrative approaches may mix aspects of all of these approaches in a client-centred way. As every integrative approach is different it's important to find out what methods are included in a programme.

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a brief and rapid approach that focuses on using the power of language to create immediate changes in your thought patterns.

Psychoanalysis is a long term journey of self-exploration based on Freud's psychosexual theories of the human mind often requiring multiple sessions a week for a period of several years or more.

Psychiatry is treatment by a medical doctor who may prescribe medication, offer a therapeutic treatment or both. This can take anything from a few visits to years of ongoing treatment.

Psychology is focused on understanding the workings of the mind and the use of special psychometric tests is something typical of this type of consultancy which can range from a single visit to ongoing work.

Psychotherapy is a general term to describe therapies that range between several sessions and several months that often focus on the role of past experience on our present feelings and actions.

So that should give you a general sense of what's out there. Click here to sign up to our informative newsletter to find out even more about how to make the right choice when choosing a consultant >